Arcade Encounter Edit

The Arcade Encounter is a relatively long encounter with a boy in the Dubstown Arcade. He is located at the Northeast corner of the arcade, playing a game. Upon talking to him, he'll challenge you to beat the high score of 150 (fairly easy to do), and then beg you to get a SwagFest pass as your prize. If you take the pass, regardless of what you say he will steal the pass from you and run off to his trailer.

After chasing him down, he'll offer to pay you $100 for the SwagFest pass. If you accept, he'll tell you to grab a beer from the backyard and go in the trailer to grab the money. There is a tire iron in the back of the truck that can be used later. Upon paying you the money, however, his uncle Dirty Don will come running out with a rifle, yelling about how the money was stolen from him and threatening to shoot the boy. You can choose to pay Don the $100, or just watch and see what happens. If you decide to keep the money, Don will first shoot Chance and then the player character. Prior to this decision, you can either attempt to talk Don down, do nothing, attack him, or run away. The first two options will result in the second decision, whether or not to pay Don. Attacking Don results in him shooting you unless you get the tire iron from the back of the truck beforehand. If the player decides to run away, they will keep the $100, but Don will shoot Chance and then run over Bellinger as he drives away, killing him. Examining Bellinger's corpse results in a seagull eating it.