Salt City is the third town in the game. It consists of the Bus Station, a Pawn Shop, a Bacon Barn, a Convenience Store, a large empty lot, the Poles & Holes Strip Club, two walking passes over the Highway, a Church with a small Cemetary, an abandoned store, a small lot with a firepit, a six trailer Trailer Park, and a Trailer Lot Management / Store.  'Day 1' in this listing refers to your first day in Salt City, whatever game day that occurs on.

Sleeping Areas Edit

  • Mark's Trailer

Fishing Edit

  • Not Available

Indie Figures LocationsEdit

  • Pile of bricks in upper right of large empty lot on right side of town.
  • Poles & Holes Strip Club - Changing Room Bathroom - Cabinet on the left.
  • Poles & Holes Strip Club - V.I.P. Room - Bin on left side of the room - Requires V.I.P. Room Ticket.
  • Big Dog Boxing - Inside - Weight equipment in upper right corner.
  • Trailer Lot Management / Store - Inside - Right end of pile of wood in lower left.

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